How to process a FIAT withdrawal?


Please head to the wallets page and click on withdraw button under your desired FIAT currency - all relevant information will be provided on the next page. Please make sure to confirm via SMS if you're making a withdrawal so we can verify it is you withdrawing your funds.

How to process a FIAT deposit?


Please head to the wallets page and click on deposit under your desired FIAT currency - you will be taken to the next screen asking how much money you wish to deposit (we only have POLi payments available). 

Once you have input your desired amount, you will then be prompted to input your log in details to your bank to proceed in making the transaction. Your funds will be instantly credited to your MCW account for you to instantly buy and sell. 

*Please note: POLi payments are instant however until the fiat funds have cleared into MCW's bank account, you will be locked out of doing a withdrawal of the amount deposited. Bank transfer time frames are out of our control and can vary. 1-3 business days.