I need to change my mobile number on my account?


Please raise a support ticket and provide the following:

1. Firstly, you'll need to disable your 2FA on your account by sending through photo verification (photo of yourself holding your Government Issued ID and a piece of paper clearly written: signature, date & 'I need to disable my 2FA' - support will send you a text with following instructions on how to disable your 2FA. 

2. A copy of your mobile phone plan showing your full details (name/address) and your new phone number - support will have your account updated for you.

3. Once logging back in you will be prompt to set up your 2FA on your new number. 

*Please keep in mind you will be locked from doing withdrawals for 48 hours

Example below - (this is a sample from Google)

*Please do not send any other information apart from your name, address and mobile number, if your bill shows information like the one above for example (Account number, Anything money related, ect) - please blur/blank out.