You'll be going through another 5 step process to complete your account -- you need to fully complete your account to be able to take advantage of fiat transfers and transactions.

Confirming your email address


To be able to access your mCW account, it's mandatory to first verify your email address - which is the first step of completing your account. 

Adding your phone number


Your account is associated with your mobile number so you can receive SMS requests when making withdrawals etc. This step was taken and completed when signing up for your mCW account.

Verifying your identity


We use a third party service that matches your government ID against the government database. mCW does not withhold or see any information you enter into this step. To be successful with this verification step, all information must be precisely how it is on your ID. It may prompt you to add in two government issued ID e.g. Medicare, Visa, Passport -- this happens randomly to make sure you really are who you say you are. 

If you do happen to fail this verification step - please Contact Support and send through a clear photo of yourself holding your government issued ID with a piece of paper clearly written - signature, date & "I failed verification" & a clear photo of your government issued ID only. Administration will review your request and if you are successful manually verify your account. 

Adding your bank account


You can add any bank account that you desire - adding your bank account is for fiat withdrawals only. You can add your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) or your normal everyday account. This can be updated at any time while using your mCW account. You do not need to add the same account you wish to use for depositing.  

Setting up your security (Two Factor Authentication)


Having 2FA set up on your account not only does it cover your account with our insurance policy but it also protects your account from any fraud/hacking. We use the Google Authentication app which we find very safe and always reliable. If you're wanting to use your own 2FA please note, you will not be covered by our insurance.

Please make sure to only ever set up your 2FA on your own personal device and do not allow any one access, why? - Click here

Having trouble signing in using your 2FA code? - Click here

Need to reset your 2FA? - Click here